Ruth and Mike
are among the most respected and sought-after instructors in the blues dance world. They have taught at most of the blues dance events that exist (In 14 countries and counting…). They are founding members and choreographers of the B Sides, which is the first and currently only ongoing professional blues performance group.


Ruth and Mike are an exceptional teaching partnership, internationally renowned for their dynamic energy, precise explanations, entertainment value, and ability to make detailed technique fun to learn. They are prolific choreographers, avid dance nerds, and enthusiastic social dancers. Ruth and Mike are passionate about creating fresh and expressive art that stays true to the roots of the blues. They love dance pedagogy and mentoring newer teachers to fulfill their potential as instructors.


Ruth and Mike both love carrot juice, smoky Scotch whisky, and philosophical discussions. Since they started traveling and teaching together, Ruth has started using the Oxford comma, and all of Mike’s electronic devices are from Apple. They have been known to fishtail in grocery stores and swing out in the aisles of moving trains. Check out their facebook page and youtube channel.

Hailing from Dundee Scotland, having taught around the U.K. and beyond for the last few years, Fitzy loves nothing more than taking his hips onto the dance floor for a night with the blues. Starting off in Lindy hop, he quickly fell in love with the music and connection of Blues before searching out all he could find, from Drag Blues to Struttin'. In his teaching he values the inclusion of individuality and dynamism, even from the very fundamentals, and strives to try and ensure every student can take something of value from every class.