Erik Trauner

is one of the big names of Blues in Austria. Solo as well as with the famous Mojo Blues Band he has travelled all over the world. Playing across continents, he has collaborated with many of the big names in Blues. In recent years, he has also been playing for the Blues dancers of Austria. On his journey to discover Blues, his main aim hasn’t been to copy the originals, but to find his own style and authentic voice. When Erik plays, it’s not all about perfecting technique - it’s about emotions, the stories, the essence of Blues. You can find out more about him here:

The Tumblin’ Blues Band

Travelling from the neighbouring district, we are joined by the 5 people strong “Tumblin’ Blues Band”. With the motto “Fasten your guitar belt and let the good times roll”, they aim to deliver the authentic and raw sounds of Blues. They bring to live the melody and improvisation that form essential parts of Blues, and use their own energy to move the crowd.

Playing frequently for dancers, they will also join us in Salzburg. Find out more about them here:

Leo Tetra

Some say he is an ancient Voodoo master weaving his magic across ballroom floors, others say he is the lost love child of Robert Johnson and Iggy Pop. After decades of hiding in the shadows of obscurity, Leo Tetra is stepping up to challenge your perception of the Blues. With nothing but his guitar and a voice drowned Whiskey, he plays all the songs you didn’t know you loved.

You can check out his facebook page here 

Shelly & The Secret Universe

Shelly properly picked up the guitar a few years ago and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Singing to small crowds and friends, she is slowly expanding her horizon. She says that when people dance to her singing it is the most incredible feeling ever (she will be happy if you just sit there and listen too.) Expect a mixture of bluesy covers and originals.

Check out her Soundcloud here: