Solo Classes


On Saturday afternoon, Ruth and Mike will hold two Open-Level Solo classes.

You can choose whether you want to attend Ruth’s classes or Mike’s classes – you can find the descriptions below!


Please make sure to be at the correct location at 15:00 so you don’t miss out!


Mike’s classes: (at Tanzschule Seifert)

Come to Me Baby

Learn some of Mike's favorite difficult moves and put them together in a challenging solo blues choreography.

Sand Steps

Get some fun and flashy footwork to fancify your feet. This style is great for a broad range of blues music as well as funk, soul, and more.

Ruth’s classes: 
(at DanceBase)

Move Your Butt

In this class we will wag, undulate, circle, and tick with out backsides, focusing on ease and freedom in our movements.

Lines and Ripples

This class focuses on elegant and janky full-body shapes and extensions, playing with undulations through them.